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CPRF is a non-profit organization. We are the largest online resource for Christianity from a Reformed perspective in the world. Our aim is to bring the church's focus back to the centrality of Jesus Christ in all areas of thought and life. This is the place to become partners with us in the development and maintenence of our online Christian resources. Financial resources to our ministry come from the contributions persons like you. Your much-needed financial gifts to CPR Foundation go to fund our many online projects which equip pastors, missionaries and laypersons worldwide for the building up of the saints in Christ. Your kind donations give millions of people access to what is, by order of magnitude, the largest online Reformed clearing house in the world. Please consider a much-needed donation to CPRF.

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CPRF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry headquartered in Portland, Oregon. This resource ministry has grown to serve millions in any city of the world with Internet access by providing Christ-honoring materials for Bible and theological studies. Your tax deductible donations will cover the salaries of content aggregators and developers, engineers, software, office space, computers and other related expenses. Please prayerfully consider a gift of:

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